A Better Education Will Earn Me a Better Career

Many people talk about how unhappy they are in their current jobs. They talk about how they would like to go back to school, how they would like to better their financial and career position in life. They talk, but they do not do anything about it. I was one of those people, but I am not anymore. I am excited to finally go get the education that I know will earn me a better career and better life overall. I am done talking about something and ready to take control of my life and future. I am proud of myself and excited to start working toward a degree and the career of my dreams.

When I look around at friends and family who drive better cars, live in better homes, I used to feel sad. I used to wonder when it would be my turn, yet I was not doing anything about it. I would go to the same job, complain to my co-workers about what I wish I was earning, and more, but I did not do anything about it.

I know that going back to school will require a level of time commitment, but I am ready for it. I know that it will be worth it down the line. I also know that I have supportive friends and family who understand that going back to school will mean that I will not have as much time for them while I am studying. I also know that I will need to be more responsible with my time. I will need to plan out time to study and plan to go to bed earlier so that I am well rested and alert for work and school.

I know that anything worth having in life takes a certain level of time, commitment, and work. I know that I am worth a better career and a better chance at making more money and advancement opportunities. I do not have to be stuck in a job that I am not happy with anymore. I know that things will not happen overnight, I know that there may even be times that all the work will feel overwhelming, but I am excited to challenge myself. I am also excited when I think about what a better education will bring. I am tired of relying on every paycheck to pay my bills. I want to feel like each paycheck can allow me to save, pay bills, and have extra leftover to buy things that I want to buy. I do not want to be a slave to my paycheck anymore. I want my new career to better my life in more noticeable way.

I am also excited to update my resume after I earn my degree. I know people will also look at me differently when I have a degree. I know I will deserve the newly earned respect because school takes hard work and commitment. My future already looks brighter!

Education In The 21st Century

New questions are emerging among those who are following trends in education. There is a push to get people in to trades and honing their craft. But many want university settings to thrive and keep students engaged in the learning process. It will take some work and tough decisions to keep education going as the century progresses. Leaders have to decide soon, because it will affect students’ lives in the long run. New options are emerging to give students more flexibility in an educational setting. It will be up to students to keep themselves in the loop when it comes to promoting educational advancement.

Academia has rigid requirements for how students should progress within any given university. They have to quickly learn how to meet certain standards within any given degree field. Core classes are set up to weed out students out of more difficult degree settings. They have to make these standards accessible for those truly committed to completing their education. An academic handbook will typically list prominent aspects of completing an academic education. Trade schools are taking note and making appropriate changes for those who want to know. Different fields may be slow to adopt institution wide changes, but it is worthwhile to follow through on these requirements.

The internet has had its own unique impact on academics since it has arrived on the scene. Entire classes have been moved online, with mixed results for those that are interested. Students may enroll in online classes to keep themselves linked up with educational changes. Online classes put a burden of responsibility on students who want to get the best grades. They have to keep up with assignments posted online by the professor. Online quizzes may be easier, but they do introduce new challenges for students to overcome with little notice.

Keeping up with bureaucratic requirements has been a headache for students in a university setting. Long lines at the registrar often dissuaded students from enrolling in different classes. With the development of the internet, many of these steps have been moved to an online setting. Applications are posted as PDF documents online for those interested. Education has developed in new ways and promises to deliver an important experience for students. Students have to be adept when it comes to building on their skill set as needed. Navigating an online bureaucracy has become a feature of the educational experience in the 21st century.

Monitoring the cost of education has been a significant debate among those in the know. Online education will still produce a bill that needs to be paid. Currently, the costs are defrayed until the end of the semester. Students have to track expenditures and keep themselves informed about when these bills are due. Many consider education to be an investment in their future. But with the educational system becoming more complex, many are left wondering how these expenses may best be managed. Leaders in the educational system are pushing to improve on their rating by improving on the online experience.

How To Get The Most Out Of A College Education

Many people who go to college do not get the most out of their education. However, you can be sure to get the most out of yours. With college tuition at today’s prices and the job market the way it is, getting a quality education is more important than ever. To get the most out of college, you need to really be invested in the coursework. Of course, there is time for socializing. However, you must never forget your real purpose behind being in school.

In college, I chose a major that fascinated me. I studied sociology, the study of society. I have always been interested in current events and societal trends. This major suited me. To get the most out of your education, you have to find something that suits you. Don’t simply pick something for the goal of making a lot of money. You may find that the coursework bores you to the point where you aren’t putting your all into it.

Since I enjoyed the content of what I was studying, I was able to put my all into it. Putting my all into my education allowed me to get good grades. My GPA was 3.13. Having a high GPA enables you to get into graduate school. Also, having a good GPA makes you look better to an employer.

On the flip side, if you have a bad GPA (under 3.0), your resume will look much less impressive. Many jobs after graduating will not hire someone with a low GPA. Also, having a low GPA prevents you from getting into many graduate schools.

Another important part of having a successful college career is to be able to balance coursework and your social life. In my experience, social life at a college or university tends to be very vibrant. There was always something to do. There were numerous clubs to get involved in. Every weekend there were parties that you could go to. Even during the week, there were sometimes parties to go to. If you went to all the parties and activities, or even tried to, you would find yourself floundering academically.

One way that I felt helped me was to manage my time was making a calendar. On the calendar write down what your obligations are and how much time they will take. Then, you can look at the calendar and see when you have free. Stick to the schedule you set for yourself, and plan your extracurricular activities around it.

If you follow these tips, you are likely to have a successful college career. You will truly have a useful degree. You will be able to market yourself to employers. With a successful college career, you can get a good job after graduation. You will also be able to go on to graduate school. Graduate schools give you yet another level of qualification to employers. Having postsecondary education will also lead to more earnings in your field.

My Journey to Academics in the US

Academics have been a huge priority of mine since I was a young girl in my country of Liberia. As a young girl, we were taught that educating boys was more of a priority. The illiteracy rates exceeded 60% in the country and doing chores and caring for my siblings was often what I did instead of attend classes after the eighth grade.

When I was six, a young doctor from Doctors Without Borders helped to treat me for malaria. I dreamed of becoming a nurse or doctor someday, but I knew that staying in Monrovia would not afford me the opportunities to achieve my dream. A friend of mine from church told me about a non-profit organization that helped to give academic scholarships to people my age.

I was nervous about meeting with the individuals who represented the organization because I tried hard in school, but had only average grades. I spent so much time being kept at home caring for my family members that I never was 100% prepared for my exams. My family did not support my dream, but I decided to carve out a better future for myself.

Joseph Jallah was the name of the man who met with me and reviewed my application and other documents for the scholarship. He wanted me to tell him about myself and why I wanted the scholarship. I dreamed of going to high school and then college and tried to convey what the civil war had done to our family and how I wanted to care for others after a bad bout with malaria.

He asked me if I would be focused on my academics if I was able to join his program and study abroad. I had to think about it for a few minutes because he explained to me that becoming homesick could be a huge distraction as he himself had lived in Liberia during the war and had moved to the United States as a young adult.

I made up my mind then and there that I would better the lives of my family members by getting the best grades. Jallah informed me one month later that I had a scholarship to go to a high school program in New Mexico. It was a school for international candidates and other African students would be in attendance which made me feel better.

It has been four years later since I left Monrovia for the U.S. I am very excited to be going to college in September. I will study medicine so that I can become a registered nurse. My journey is one that has been long, but I am looking forward to seeing what life has in store for me. Now, I can have a career that will help me become independent and provide for my family members back home which makes those long nights studying that much more meaningful to me. Academics have become so useful to me and I know that I can make a difference.